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3 In 1 Thermos Cleaning Brush

3 In 1 Thermos Cleaning Brush

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✔️Keeps your coffee hot for 7+ hours

✔️ Smart temperature display

✔️Elegant design

This thermos cleaning brush offers a triple cleaning mode for efficient, comprehensive stain removal. It features:

  • A sponge brush head for removing stains along the cup's interior.
  • A twisted wire crevice brush for reaching into lid grooves and eliminating hidden dirt.
  • A U-shaped soft rubber cup brush for tackling stubborn residues near the cup's mouth.

The durable sponge head creates abundant foam, ensuring a thorough cleanse of coffee, tea, milk, and oil stains. Its playful carrot design is not only eye-catching but also functional, with a hangable feature for easy storage. Perfectly long-handled, it's your go-to for wine glasses, juicers, thermoses, and more.

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